What foods help you sleep?

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Hello, I am Doctor Kolesnik, I am a medical director at Vector Sleep Diagnostic Center in Queens, New York. I am board certified in neurology and sleep medicine and I have been in practice for the past 12 years. What foods help you sleep? When we talk about foods that help you sleep, we should first talk about foods to avoid and how to eat properly. This issue should be discussed is any person with sleep problems along with their sleep habits. Some of the dos and don'ts include: 1- Do not eat large fatty meals before the bedtime. 2- Don't eat any foods that will make you uncomfortable cause heartburn. 3- On the other hand, don't go to bed hungry, a light snack before bedtime may prevent hunger from waking you up. 4- Don't drink too much liquid, this will prevent you from making multiple trips to the bathroom. 5- And avoid caffeine and alcohol. 6- A healthy pre bedtime snack should be high in protein that will help you maintain steady sugar levels throughout the night. 7- Good examples of healthy snacks are nuts, edamame, hard cooked egg. 8- Foods that are high in tryptophan which is sleep-promoting substance are dairy products. 9- Caffeinated teas should be avoided but decaffeinated teas and herbal in particular can be very helpful to put you in the sleep mode. Chamomile tea is among those. So think about what you eat, write it down and talk to your doctor.