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How to Ask Sleep Questions enables users to ask completely free sleep questions that are routed directly to physicians listed in our medical network. While we have amassed an expansive collection of medically-reviewed articles and information about sleep disorders on our website, you are more than welcome to ask your specific sleep questions for free. Have you always had trouble sleeping? Has a doctor diagnosed you with sleep apnea in the past? Do you have a history of narcolepsy or other neural conditions in your family? Every medical situation has its distinctive characteristics, so it is important that the information you find is tailored to your specific sleep symptoms, medical history and personal concerns about improving your sleep habits.

The more detailed your sleep questions are, the better. We encourage you to explain your situation in detail, for example asking sleep apnea questions about a specific type of CPAP machine or asking sleep study questions about an upcoming appointment that you’ve already made at your local sleep lab. The sleep doctors from our network will be able to go into more depth when answering your sleep apnea questions or sleep study questions if you provide as much information as possible. Examples of good sleep apnea questions include requests for details about what causes sleep-disordered breathing, how to best use a CPAP machine at night and what alternative sleep apnea treatments are available on the market today. Good sleep study questions might entail asking about when the best time to make an appointment is or whether your insurance company will cover for the cost a sleep study if you are trying to diagnose an underlying medical condition.

In addition to asking case-specific sleep apnea questions and sleep study questions, the question and answer form above also allows you to request general information about sleep disorders from experts who are willing to educate the public. Do you have a broad question, such as “What are sleep disorders?” or “What is sleep apnea?” Regardless of the scope of your sleep questions, you have come to the right place. Use our Q&A tool to connect with knowledgeable sleep doctors dedicated to sleep medicine and learn how to get to sleep better at night, why sleep is vital to your overall well-being and when it is appropriate to go see a doctor about your sleep-related symptoms. The sleep questions you submit to will only be answered by professionals in the sleep industry, in order to give you more accurate information.

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