Below you will find detailed information below to help both users and doctors on

Who answers questions? All questions are answered by doctors who participate with
How much do questions and answers cost? All questions and answers from are completely free.
Do I have to give out any private information? No. You are never obligated to give out personal information. However, you will need a valid email address if you want to receive an answer directly to your inbox. You will be asked to provide basic information (eg name, location, phone number) if you wish to contact a doctor in your area.
What is my email address used for? Your email address is only required so that you can receive your answers directly in your email inbox.
Will my email address be displayed on the site? Your email address will never be displayed on
Are questions anonymous? questions are completely anonymous. Your email address is used to route answers back to you.
How do I receive an answer to my question? Answers to your question will be emailed directly to your inbox.
What should I do if I haven’t received an answer? It typically takes 1-2 business days to get your questions answered. Please keep in mind that doctors are not required to answer questions, so there is a possibility that your question may not be answered. If this is the case, then use our search box to find a doctor in your area who you can directly contact.
Is a physician-patient privilege created with doctors? No. By asking questions to you are not creating a physician-patient relationship.
How can I help make sure my question gets an answer? Write a clear and concise question title in the form of a question. Also please write as detailed a question description as possible. Make sure that you select the medical procedure(s) and condition(s) that apply to your case. The more procedures and conditions you pick, the more focused your answer will be.
How can I start answering questions on Simply sign up and become a member to answer questions.
Can I get paid to answer questions? No. doctors do not get paid for their answers.
How can I help my answers get search engine traffic? To help get your practice search engine traction, make sure that you regularly answer questions. The more updated content you provide, the greater likelihood that your content will index well in search engines. Make sure that your answers are at least 3 sentences in length. Refrain from asking questions within your answers.
Can I post contact information in my answers? No. Don’t worry; contact information will be displayed next to your answer.
What should I do if my answers aren’t displaying on the website? Your answers may not be displaying because you are forwarding your answers through an external email address. Do not forward your answers or they will not display. There are sometimes problems with email signatures that may cause problems with your answers. If you answers are displaying, please contact us at
Can I maintain my social media accounts by using Yes! is a turnkey solution to maintaining your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. You can choose to have your answers automatically display on these accounts so that you can keep users engaged.
What should I do if my social connect isn’t working? We limit the number of questions and answers that display on your social media accounts so we don’t flood users with posts. If you are experiencing other problems with social connect, please email us at