How can I choose the best sleep clinic?

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Hello, I am Doctor Kolesnik, I am a medical director at Vector Sleep Diagnostic Center in Queens, New York. I am board certified in neurology and sleep medicine and I have been in practice for the past 12 years. How can I choose the best sleep clinic? If you are searching for a sleep clinic, it means, you suspect or you have a sleep problem. Remember that sleep center is a place where you are going to meet several sleep professionals, clerical staff, physicians, nurses or medical assistants and certainly sleep technicians that will guide you through the sleep testing and will make you comfortable. It should be conveniently located . You might need several visits to the clinic, check if they accept your insurance. Check if sleep center is credentialed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. You may already know that you need to have a sleep test and ready to make an appointment but think who is going to explain you the answers , who is going to explain you the test results. Who is going to explain you the options and treatments that are available to you. I always recommend to make an appointment with a sleep center first. Meet the staff, tour the facility, ask some questions. Preferably you should make an appointment to sleep specialist, physician and preferably board certified, prior to the sleep study. Ask your questions and see if you are comfortable, if you received the attention you deserve and if you received the answers to your questions. Best of luck.