SomnoMed Appliance

Do you, or a person in your home, have trouble sleeping at night due to loud snoring? Not all snoring is a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) but this behavior is often the biggest indicator. Apnea itself is the name given when your breathing stops for over a 10 second. If you suffer from OSA, you experience difficulty breathing during your sleep on a chronic basis. It’s pretty normal to have brief moments of apnea during sleep but any extended amount of time where apnea occurs can be bad for your health. Healthy patients are typically relaxed during sleep and all of their muscles will be at ease, including the muscles responsible for holding open your throats airways. OSA patients mainly have trouble sleeping because the flow of air is disturbed at this time and many have smaller throat areas which are more susceptible to obstructed air flow. The snoring sounds originate from air trying to squeeze past the narrow throat areas which might be blocked by sagging throat tissue or the back of the tongue.

The SomnoMed Appliance has been invented and developed to aid patients who need help with their OSA. When used correctly, this device has the potential to eliminate difficulties of breathing while you sleep and will also significantly reduce snoring. The SomnoMed appliance is very similar to a mouth guard and fits over all your teeth. Mouth guards are usually universal in size whereas the SomnoMed appliance is customarily made. This medical device’s purpose is to help displace any blockades there might be to your throat’s air passage by repositioning both your lower and upper jaw. The high levels of precision that goes into custom made SomnoMed appliances has been clinically tested and the device itself has been recognized for its clinical effectiveness by FDA,TGA, ISO 13485 and Swiss medic standards. Clinical trials have however showed a decrease in effectiveness for obese patients.

There are a few different styles available, through the SomnoMed website specifically there are: the Flex, Edentulous, and Acrylic types. Other custom styles may exist through other developers of the device. Mainly it works by incorporating two very salient aspects of health, your dental care as well as your restoration period, or sleeping period. Because it is very rare that a person is able to control their reflexes while sleeping, the SomnoMed appliance assists in keeping air flow under control. It can be difficult to diagnose for sleep apnea disorders since people are generally unconscious while sleeping so registering any symptoms is problematic. Try not to be embarrassed about you snoring issues and instead seek out helpful information that applies to your issue.

Failing to acknowledge sleep apnea issues most definitely can have multiple adverse effects on your health. After a night’s rest you should feel refreshed in the morning if the sleep was undisturbed but in cases of sleep apnea patients, people usually report that they wake up feeling unrefreshed. This can push your day into a sleepy/drowsy state which has been deemed excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). Other symptoms may include being forgetful, grumpy, impatient, or irritable, as well as having a hard time treating headaches. As a result, any depression you may be experiencing could worsen, your legs might begin to swell, and in children in particular, hyperactivity may be seen. Contact your local sleep doctor or physician to ask for more information on how to get the good night’s rest you deserve. The SomnoMed appliance could be your ticket to waking up and finally feeling rested.