What are dental implants?

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What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a replacement for your natural tooth. When you have the misfortune of having lost a tooth, we are able to place a titanium screw that goes into the jaw bone. In a matter of months, the jaw bone fuses around the implant and becomes high and stiff that we are able to put a post and a porcelain crown on top of that implant so that you are able to function normally and have an aesthetically pleasing tooth there. A dental implant behaves like a natural tooth. Some people sense temperature with this, some people can sense pressure. You can clean it with a natural tooth. You can floss it really easily and it is a great replacement option. Nowadays, dental implants are becoming the new standard care over fix bridges and partial dentures, so, if you are a possible candidate, you should go see your dentist to get a consultation done.