What should I be looking for when purchasing a CPAP machine?

I have sleep apnea and my physician suggested that I should get a CPAP machine. I see that there are a wide range of options online for different prices. What features should I be looking for when buying one?

Doctors Answers (2)

SomnoDiagnostics, Inc.
Answered on: 11/4/2013

One of the nicest features is the heated humidifier. You can adjust the humidifier to your best personal setting and change it throughout the year.

J. Douglas Hudson, MD, DABSM
Answered on: 10/4/2013

Usually, when a physician recommends a CPAP machine he/she writes an order for the type of machine you need. The type of machine (CPAP, BiLevel, ASV) best suited for you is generally determined during a sleep study attended by a sleep technician. If you have been put in a position of making the decision on your own, I would recommend an auto titrating CPAP with a wide range of pressures (ranging from 4 cm H2O to 20 cm H2O) and choose between the brands ResMed or Respironics.