What kind of sleep mask is best?

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I have sleep apnea and I know I need some sort of mask. I also have eczema and it's controlled but it flares up very easily. I get eczema on my face, that means all around my ears and in my hair too. What type of sleep apnea mask would work for someone with eczema and tons of allergies? 20 allergies that I know of. My nose is stuffed up almost all the time no matter what season.

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J. Douglas Hudson, MD, DABSM
Answered on: 6/12/2013

There is no "best" sleep mask. There are dozens of types of masks for CPAP users. Some fit over just the nose and some fit over both the mouth and nose (these are for mouth breathers or those who have leaks of air through the mouth and are good for those with nasal congestion). Nasal sprays at bedtime are commonly used. There are some "masks" which lie gently against the opening of the nose and sit like pillows. Some masks tend to leak around the edges more than others. A good fitting is important. Once any mask has been worn awhile (weeks, months) and one becomes accustomed to wearing something on their face, it is not uncommon to switch to another type of mask. At first, wearing something on your face is like learning to wear shoes to bed. After awhile, it becomes so natural that some can't sleep without it. Good luck.