How can I get a CPAP without another test?

This question was asked in Topeka, Kansas on 07/16/2013.
Can my father get a CPAP without another test? He was unable to use the machine because of restless leg syndrome. Kept throwing it off. Has slowed down a lot and might be able to keep it on now but is unable to go through the study. Needs help going to the bathroom and isn't very mobile. I believe it could make him a little stronger. His pressure needed at the time was 11.

Doctors Answers (4)

Timothy J. Delcambre, DDS, MHA
Answered on: 7/18/2013

This question needs to be directed to you father's primary care doctor/sleep medicine doctor. I'm a dentist who makes oral appliances in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

J. Douglas Hudson, MD, DABSM
Answered on: 7/17/2013

If your father had a CPAP ordered after a sleep study and no longer has the CPAP but wishes to try it again, I think he should not have to undergo another sleep study. My suggestion is that he be placed on an auto titrating CPAP rather than a fixed pressure of 11 cm H2O.

Courtney Whitney, DO
Answered on: 7/17/2013

It depends on how old his study was if he'd need another sleep study. Once you are qualified for CPAP, you remain qualified. His pressure needs at that time might not be the same now depending on how long ago the study was. An auto CPAP may be an option for him. He should follow up with his sleep medicine physician who would be able to prescribe a CPAP for him again.

SomnoDiagnostics, Inc.
Answered on: 7/17/2013

Possibly. The amount of time from his last test would be a determining factor. The most important thing is thorough follow up with your sleep physician to help make certain the settings are correct.