How can alcohol help sleep apnea?

I am pretty sure I have sleep apnea. However, when I have a glass of wine before bed, my partner notices that my breathing is much more regular when I sleep: I do not snore loudly, stop breathing, or choke for breath. Can alcohol in moderation help sleep apnea?

Doctors Answers (2)

SomnoDiagnostics, Inc.
Answered on: 1/2/2015 1

Alcohol routinely makes sleep apnea worse. I would not count on wine helping with your sleep apnea.

Robert C. Jones, M.D.
Answered on: 9/25/2014

You need to be tested to find out if you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or central sleep apnea (CSA). Alcohol is known to cause worsening of OSA! It could help CSA, but it definitely is not a recommended treatment. Too many dangers exist with this self-treatment "medication." Get evaluated to get the most effective treatment choices.