What could be the cause of hypersomnia?

This question was asked in Brooklyn, New York on 01/15/2014.
I have had severe insomnia with suspected tardive akathisia at night for about 5 months. Recently I have begun sleeping more at night. Now when I wake in the morning, I have a bit of akathisia in the morning but experience hypersomnia all day. I cannot drive safely or work. What might be the cause of the whole experience of akathisia and insomnia for months then having hypersomnia all day as well as sleeping all night? (I am 60 years old and female).

Doctors Answers (1)

Robert C. Jones, M.D.
Answered on: 1/16/2014

This is a very complicated problem that cannot be answered online. There are so many issues that could be at play! The best thing would be a consultation with a sleep specialist who is also a neurologist. He/she can review your medication as a possible cause or see if there is a degenerative neurological condition as the cause of your problems versus a more simple reason.