Why is getting enough sleep important?

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Why is getting enough sleep important? It is important that we get enough sleep so that we can function properly during the daytime. Evidence suggests that by getting enough sleep not only are we physically in better shape but mentally as well. People who are sleep deprived have a higher incidence of things like depression or mood disturbance such as irritability. If we are deprived of rest in a significant fashion we may place ourselves at increased risk for things like motor vehicle accidents or related accidents. It is estimated we need about eight hours of sleep. There are some that do find with slightly less and some that need slightly more. We can pay back our sleep deficit. If we are deprived of rest we can pay it back faster than it was required. For example, if you were deprived of ten hours of sleep during course of the week, you do not need ten hours on the weekend to pay that back. You may be able to pay that back in 2-4 hours.