What treatments are there to stop snoring?

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I get this question quite frequently, and that is how do I get rid of my snoring? How do I stop my snoring? I always start off by saying, well let's talk about snoring. The fact is that when the tissues of the back of your throat vibrate excessively, then one snores. But what can cause that? Many factors, anything that stops the airflow from going from the nose into your windpipe can cause snoring. So, for example, if your nose is blocked, whether you have a cold, whether you have allergies, whether you have a structural deformity, that would cause snoring. Or if you have too much tissue in the throat or if the tissue is too flabby or moves around too much, that could cause snoring. Well, how do we stop that? How do we relieve that? Well, you have to correct the problem. So if the nose is blocked, what we do is open the nose. Take medication, for example. Sometimes you have to do surgery. The tissues in the throat, if they're too flabby, then we can put an implant in called a Pillar implant. Or sometimes you even have to remove some of the tissue in the throat. These are just some of the treatment options available for snoring.