How can you fall asleep better at night?

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How do you fall asleep better at night? If you do not have problems of breathing at night, if you do not have restless leg syndrome - those are the two major things that prevent people from going to sleep at night. You really know what they think "my mind will not shut off." It really will shut off if you are willing to go to sleep at the same time every night and get up at the same time. These people need at least seven hours of sleep. You can take a bath, a warm bath before bed time. That helps your body's circadian rhythm sync up with the need for sleep. You cannot engage in any kind of a computer activity like answering emails and sometimes are anxiety-provoking. You can read a little bit before bed time. You try not to exercise within five hours before bed time. You try not to have a large meal at night because that is too struggling before sleep - particularly bad because it worsens esophageal reflex or heart burn. So there are many little tricks called sleep hygiene that work and help you fall asleep at night. Once you do those, and you still have problems with sleeping and it has been going on for weeks and months, then you need to see a sleep doctor to really investigate what is going on with you. I used to sleep okay, but now I cannot. What is up? Or, I always have trouble sleeping, but now it is getting the best of me.